All inclusive packages

Weekend Package (2N3D)

Weekend Package is a 2 nights 3 days package including:

* accommodation at Villa Amidala

* airport pick up & drop off

* all meals

* vehicles

* tours

Day 1: Bukit Persaudaraan & Walakiri Beach

Arriving on a Friday at around Noon to Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport in Waingapu.

Staff will collect guests from the airport and drive them to Villa Amidala, where they will be offered welcome drinks and cookies.

Guests will be asked to choose lunch from Villa Amidala's menu, which will be freshly prepared on site. While lunch is getting cooked, guests can occupy their rooms, chill in the swimming pool or in the Jacuzzi.

After lunch guests will visit Bukit Persaudaraan by motorbike. This hill with stunning rice field views was used by the Japanese when they wanted to invade Australia. To this very day there are accessible caves and tunnels that provide an insight of what military life might have been like in the 1940s.

Bukit Persaudaraan, Waingapu,Sumba

From Bukit Persaudaraan guests are guided to Walakiri Beach (Pantai Walakiri), where depending on the tide, guests will be able to either swim or walk up to the small mangrove trees for taking stunning sunset photos.


Day 2:


Guests are offered to choose from two different destinations.

Both destinations are reached by car.

Option 1: Tanggedu Waterfall

During breakfast, guests are asked to choose their dinner for when they return to Villa Amidala and they are given packed lunches.

Tanggedu Waterfall, Air Terjun Tanggedu, Sumba Timur, Sumba

Tanggedu Waterfall is a great destination for travellers who like challenges and also don't mind a little bit of walking on sunny fields. The descend to the waterfall is moderately challenging. Tanggedu is one of the rare places in Sumba Timur where the trek is somewhat developed and has rails and ropes along the way in order to provide safety. During rainy season all treks are more muddy and the water is also less clean, Tanggedu is no exception of this. 

Apart from taking photos and swimming, Tanggedu offers a great location for a lovely picnic.

Option 2: Tarimbang Beach with a stop at Laiwi Waterfall

Laiwi Waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in Sumba reaching more than 100 meters high. It is magnificent, it will sweep you off your feet... - literally, it's so slippery around there :) Laiwi falls into a canyon, which means it gets direct sunlight for only 2 or 3 hours daily, not enough to dry up all the moisture, but oh dear it's so nice and cool down there and the pool is perfect for swimming. Visiting Laiwi is a rather challenging trek, recommended for experienced travellers only. There is no developed path, no rails and no ropes for grabbing onto while descending to the foot of the waterfall.

Laiwi Waterfall, Air Terjun Laiwi, Sumba

Tarimbang beach is known as one of the top 5 surf beaches in the world. It is a surfers' paradise especially because it's extremely quiet. It doesn't get visited very often due to the lack of infrastructure. The more adventurous surfers will come and stay at local houses and eat basically what they can find, because there are no restaurants anywhere to be seen. The good old coconut is a lifesaver around here. This is why Villa Amidala will always provide packed lunches for their guests.

If you intend to surf, it's best to bring your own board, because Villa Amidala has only 1 surfboard and it might not be the best one for you. 

Tarimbang Beach, Surfer beach, Pantai Tarimbang, Best waves in Sumba

Day 3: Bukit Wairinding

Provided that guests have a return flight that doesn't leave before 11 am on Sunday, guests will be guided to Bukit Wairinding before or after breakfast. This is their choice to make.

Bukit Wairinding, Wairinding Hills, Waingapu, Sumba, Villa Amidala

Bukit Wairinding is one of those places where pictures can not convey the feeling and the magnificence of it. The Wairinding hills are a great place for reflection and chilling. It is very easy to get to and it is only 40 minutes away from Villa Amidala, therefore this trip is also done by motorbike.

* All inclusive packages at Villa Amidala can be booked under the Room and Rates menu.

Vehicle prices are included as stated in the itinerary. If guests would like to use a car and no motorbikes at all during their visit to Sumba, it will have an effect on pricing.